Solar Harvest

In the game Solar Harvest, you have to farm an entire solar system. You can get workers, currency, buildings, and people on each planet! You can make so many types of planets or make your own! You have to farm and collect currency to make more planets. You can also customize what the people of your planet look like! You have to protect the people as well from natural disasters, deseases and more! Hope you like my idea! Please leave a comment telling me what you think and also follow my blog to see more game ideas! Bye! 


My Inspiration for SPACE-27

I got the idea from another game idea (that I will reveal in the future). I thought I need a game for a younger audience, so I kept on thinking. Than I thought of space and how that could be interesting. But the space idea was going to be used in my other game, so I thought about it, and decided to use the space idea. From there I made a character, story, and purpose to the game! And that’s how I got the idea for SPACE-27.

Koto Games Character PosterĀ 

These are all the characters from almost all the game ideas I have! Some of them I haven’t announced! The Astronaut is from SPACE-27, The robot is from Glide, and that’s about all of the ones you know! But the more game Ida’s I have, the bigger the picture will be and I will add that character! Some of the game idea characters I have are not up there, but will be up there soon! Hope you enjoy! Bye!


Glide is an online multiplayer shooter, where you are a robot, trying to defeat your opponents in many different challenges. But, there’s a twist. The robots all have what looks to be skates on their feet. These are gliders, they allow you to glide on the ground, wall, and ceilings! You can do cool moves and curves with them on and involves a lot more strategy than other shooter games. There’s also a lot of characters to choose from, each on different from the other! More info will be coming soon about the game! Bye!


This game will be an army strategy game. You can choose your class of hero and fight. You can customize your characters as well. Each team has an allied base and other minor bases. The point of the game is to capture all of your opponents minor bases or capture three minor bases and their allied base. You can choose four characters to play as in a battle. You can level them up and get better gear. There is a story mode and a local multiplayer mode. During battle you can switch between the four different characters you have or command them. You also get to fight through waves of enemies. In the future I shall post pictures of the ideas I have for the game and also make posts about all the different classes. Also the game is called Rebellion, so yeah. Bye!


SPACE-27 is a game where you are an astronaut who is assigned to explore a new solar system to see what he can find. I’m still not sure how you will play it, like if it would be a platformer or at a top down view and stuff like that but I’m still not sure. The astronauts name is B0B-27 just so that you know. The point of the game is to go to different planets and try to find things and bring them back to earth while also saving each planet. You can defeat enemies and find collectables. There will be a lava planet, ice planet, city planet ect. I drew a picture to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. More pictures and updates will be coming soon about this game. Bye!

KotoGames Introduction

I am a a kid that loves video games. I play them all the time. But recently, I have come up with ideas for games. And I just want to get people’s opinions on my game ideas. I would appreciate if you left a suggestion or a comment about my ideas! The name Koto is from the start of the word, Kotonaru which in English means different. I did that because I always try to make my games different from the others. And if I were to describe myself in one word, it would be different. Hopefully you guys like my ideas and can leave feedback! Bye!